Introducing: The EXPERT FORMULA MASTERCLASS, a FREE 1 Day Training Seminar Showing You How To Become The STAR In Your Field
  • Position Yourself in your niche and become the expert authority with little effort.
  • Attract Clients who are desperate to work with you at premium rates.
  •  Stand Out from the competition and become the leading voice in your industry.
  • Leverage The Media and become a credible celebrity overnight.
  •  Do What You Love by working with your ideal clients while making a difference.
  •  Build A Tribe of loyal fans who follow everything you do, say and publish.
Your Expert: Fiona Harrold
Speaker & author, Fiona will motivate you to think bigger than you’ve ever imagined.
She is a master at showing you how to become the expert in your field. Her deep understanding of the coaching market, her success and experience on stage, uniquely positions her as the go-to expert who can show you how to become the credible celebrity in your field, grow your following and your income.
"You Cannot Be A Secret And A Success"
Your Expert: Fiona Harrold
"Speaker & author, Fiona will motivate you to think bigger than you’ve ever imagined."
She is a master at showing you how to become the expert in your field. Her deep understanding of the coaching market, her success and experience on stage, uniquely positions her as the go-to expert who can show you how to become the credible celebrity in your field, grow your following and your income.
"You Cannot Be A Secret And A Success"
FREE 1-Day Event, Saturday November 25th, 2017, Kensington, London
At Expert Formula Masterclass Live You Will Learn How To:
  • Justify Your Expert Status
How do you declare your expert status when you are just starting out? How do you begin to even "feel" like the expert authority when you don't have those big wow factor results to demonstrate?  

It might feel like a chicken and egg scenario because you can't just manufacture expert positioning status.
The #1 concern that holds coaches, consultants, trainers and people like you from achieving real success is self-sabotage. 

It's the worry you might get "found out" or challenged on your expert status.

When you attend The Expert Formula Masterclass you will be shown how to connect to the source of your ability, verbalising your successes and using it to position yourself as a clear authority figure. 

When you know how to do this you will be able to stop worrying and start serving the people who need you most. 

  • Identify Your In Demand Solution
You might be wondering exactly it is you have to offer.

Maybe you find yourself asking "what really is my expertise?"

Worse still you might be feeling like you are just another "guru" in a sea of sameness. 

So why is it important to identify your in demand solution and how is The Expert Formula Masterclass different to any other teaching on this topic?

You've no doubt heard the cliche "solve a problem for people and they will come flocking"... but what if you could discover how to solve the right problem for people who are not being served by the other "experts" in your industry?

At the Expert Formula Masterclass you will unlock the exact problem you are solving and shape your solution so it fits exactly with your prospect's needs. 

When you do this you will have absolute focus on what you stand for, what your solution is and who you can deliver massive value to. 

  • Price Yourself Right
If you are stressed out trying to position yourself and generate income just to pay your bills then you are probably in total conflict.

Charge too much... no clients. Charge too little and you end up working too hard with the wrong people. 

Worse still you are probably living in fear of charging more to avoid being challenged on the value of your services. In fact you're not alone. Many so called experts are hardly sustaining themselves. Let's change this.

At the Expert Formula Master class you will learn how to design a pricing model perfect for your business. When you have done this you will be able to command lucrative fees and enjoy working with your clients.

  • Competition Psychology
Too many people give up on their business ideas; their dreams of making a difference to more people with one simple word "competition". 

Do you feel disillusioned by the other experts in your niche that appear to offer the same services yet seem to have years more experience? You are not alone. 

By attending the Expert Formula Masterclass you have a unique opportunity to understand what competition really is, why it is essential to your business, your expert status and exactly what you need to do to become your competitors worst nightmare. 

Stars are made at the Expert Formula Masterclass. Are you ready to shine?

  • Become A Followed Authority
An expert without followers is an expert chasing business. 

At the masterclass you will learn the value of followers, whether they are on social media or readers of your articles, books or listeners of your podcast. You will understand what they are looking for and how you can build a tribe of people who are waiting for your next product or service.

  • Magnetize The Media
Fiona Harrold is an acclaimed coach... what she calls a "credible celebrity". Having appeared in multiple newspapers and described as the "queen bee of coaching" she will be sharing with you how to attract the same interest to fast-track your success.

You might think you are a far cry from being contacted by the media and invited to share your expertise but what you probably don't know is that there is a relatively simple strategy you can use to do this. 

Fiona will be show you how to do this during the Expert Formula Masterclass 1-day event.

Secure your seat right now. Click the button below...

  • How To Present What You Do
Have you ever struggled to explain in one sentence exactly what it is you do? Do you feel frustrated that people often ask you "so what is it you do again"?

At the masterclass Fiona will be showing you how to gain absolute clarity of mind and voice so that you can represent yourself and your brand correctly. This is important so that the people you can help, will resonate instantly with your message.

  • Stop Chasing Start Attracting
Why is that when we focus on the money it never seems to materialise, yet when we focus on delivering value and changing peoples lives, the money follows?

At the Expert Formula Masterclass many coaches, consultants, authors, trainers and aspiring experts enter the seminar room with panic in their minds... a panic that they will not get enough new clients this month.

This world class training will inspire you to start attracting clients towards you instead of thinking about the income. You cannot afford to miss this masterclass. Discovering these techniques and overcoming these mental blocks can cost years of time and untold lost opportunity.

  • Represent Yourself For Success
Seven seconds. That’s the amount of time your prospect will give you to personally and emotionally connect with them, via your website, from stage or in video. It’s not a lot of time. 

If you get that first seven seconds wrong, you’ve lost them before you’ve even had a chance to win them.

During the masterclass you will have the opportunity to focus on your seven seconds so you can reach out and talk to the people you want to work with.
Listen to what these Expert Formula Masterclass attendees had to say...

A personal message from Fiona..

Whoever you are, regardless of your mission, I know that you have expertise beyond measure; You have the potential to make a real difference to others so we have to make sure they see you as the expert in your field. I look forward to sharing my teaching and experience with you to help you achieve the success you deserve and become a highly credible celebrity! x Fiona
Venue Information:

Expert Formula Masterclass
Saturday November 25th, 2017

Holiday Inn
97 Cromwell Rd, Kensington,
London SW7 4DN

Registration: 9.30am
What others are saying...

It took just 30 minutes! 

After a 30 minute conversation with Fiona, I instantly sold a Programme to a client for £3,000.

-- Beauty Zindi, Business Growth Mentor

I’m about to close my second 5-figure-deal

Last year I doubled my income and this year I’m about to close my second 5-figure-deal effortlessly and with fun. I'm now one of the highest paid marketing experts in Germany and it started with Fiona helping me see myself 

-- Monika Thoma

Fiona helped me see what was in front of me all along!

I had struggled for over 5 years trying to figure out by myself what I could do next and in 30 minutes conversation, Fiona helped me see what had been in front of me all along and what I hadn’t seen for myself.

-- Eve Warner Howard Presentation Coach

Our best month in 4 years!

6 weeks after implementing one of Fiona’s strategies, we had our best month in 4 years.

-- Ian Pyrterach
Direct From Fiona's Desk:
Due to venue restrictions, there are a limited number tickets available for the Expert Formula Masterclass. Tickets go fast with these small numbers and the amount of people asking to work with me personally.

Once all tickets have been secured, this page will be taken down, so be sure to reserve your seat today to avoid missing out.

As you read this, you may still have questions. I regularly speak to people who want to attend my masterclass but something's stopping them from pulling the trigger and going for it.

It's usually one of these three things:

1. They don’t think they have the time

The strategies you’ll learn and implement when you attend the masterclass will save you weeks if not months of trying to work out how to position yourself, helps others and build financial freedom.

The Expert Formula Masterclass is without doubt the BEST way for you to build your credibility, reach more people, and increase your income.

2. They don't think they can afford it

Firstly, I don’t want you to see this as an expense. I want you to see it as an investment of your time and any money you spend to attend the event.

An investment is defined as:

“to put (money) to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.”

3. They're not sure it's for them

If you genuinely have no interest in creating financial freedom for yourself while helping others then that's OK.
Becoming a recognised authority, commanding premium prices with a loyal following is not for everyone and I do want to work with serious action takers.

However, my guess is if you’re still reading this but haven’t yet decided to register your seat, it’s more likely that you’re questioning your own ability to make real use of what you’re going to learn.

You might be thinking ‘What have I got that other people would want to know’ or something similar. The beautiful thing about what I'm going to share with you is… you don’t need to know the answers to these questions because that's exactly what you are going to discover!


If you're really serious about making a difference in the world and making great money, then go ahead now and secure your ticket for the Expert Formula Masterclass.

You've seen examples right here on this page of how normal, everyday people have used my methods to help others, gain massive credibility, and dramatically increase their income... and of course you'll see much more proof when you attend the live masterclass.

Really, all you need to do is attend and then apply the knowledge.

I look forward to meeting you in person!

Speak soon,

P.S. Remember, you can register for the Expert Formula Masterclass today with ZERO RISK.

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