A Niche is Not Enough!

The Secret to Standing Out in Today’s World

BYOLC21 - The Next Chapter

21 years ago this year, Be Your Own Life Coach was published.

Coaching was just getting started and now – Coaches are everywhere.

But, most do not make enough to make it their full-time job.

Even when they’ve spent thousands on training and are really good at what they do.

Over 2 hours I’ll show why this is.

I'll also show you:

  •   What’s changed in the past 21 years that's changed what people pay for
  •   Why some coaches thrive and others struggle – it’s nothing to do with skills or training
  •   How I went from broke back to 6 figures in under 3 months
Join me at 12pm UK time
Saturday 13th February

Fiona Xx

"There is a gap between coaching training and ‘on the ground’ knowledge that comes from the day-to-day experience of running a business and getting clients"


Fiona has been at the forefront of Coaching for over 20 years. Her best-selling book, Be Your Own Life Coach, sparked the coaching industry and brought coaching to the general public.

Fiona took a break from her business and during a recession, built the business back up to six figures in under three months.

Fiona knows how to attract clients and boost cash flow in record time. She has consistently run a 6-figure business while bringing up her son and has helped thousands of coaches and business owners on their fast path to success. The Times called her ‘one of the new gurus.’

She has the strategies you need to so you can keep your business alive during these tough times.

Fiona is probably the only coach who has run a successful coaching business in the past 25 years and can show you what has changed in that time. Because if you are offering services that are out of date, you’ll never attract clients and have a business.

Here's what others have said about the Workshop...

"Incredible information from the Coach who’s been in the business from the beginning"

- Lydia Amoah

"Life-changing. I’ve struggled with my coaching business for 10 years and Fiona has shown me exactly what to change – in 90 minutes!"

- Catherine Ennew

"The best person to show you how to make Coaching work as a business"

- Deborah Forsythe

See you this Saturday 13th February
12pm UK time

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